Simmered In Tradition.




Simmered In Tradition

“Simmered in Tradition” is our first campaign for Ragú that puts a modern spin on the brand’s heritage story, teasing millennials to take notice of a brand they thought they already knew. The integrated campaign, which spans TV, print, digital, social and Hispanic marketing, reinvigorates the classic American brand by anchoring it in an authentic, brand narrative that strikes a chord with family-focused millennials. Ragú’s founder, Assunta Cantisano, was an Italian immigrant who fed her family during The Great Depression by selling her sauce from the front porch of her house. It’s a humble but powerful story that resonates with modern women and moms working hard to provide for their families. And, people as a whole are hungry for the emotional reward that comes with learning about their own ancestry. So we tapped into Ragú’s incredible brand history to create a rich, evocative narrative that appeals to millennial audiences. The TV spots feature upbeat music and scat-style voiceovers coupled with vintage-inspired imagery and artistic food shots. Our creative approach is influenced by slam poetry. It’s a powerful art form that can express an intensely emotional story, much like Assunta Cantisano’s journey.

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